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A true powerhouse harnessing the power of her roots in Bermuda, Jamaica, and 20+ years immersed in Ghana...


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Prior to her venture into the healthcare industry, Karen captivated audiences as a program designer and media anchor for captivating shows like "Let's Rediscover Africa" and numerous live theatre productions. Her dedication to EduTainment in Africa elevated her to the esteemed positions of Board Member and Executive Director at Nonstop African Entertainment, where she champions multilingual African storytelling.

A beacon of inspiration in life and business, Karen passionately mentors and fosters the next generation of mavericks and leaders. With a formidable career spanning six major industries and holding senior management positions across West Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America, she is a luminous embodiment of expertise and leadership acumen which is why In 2019 Karen was named as one of the TOP 100 FEMALE CEO in Africa as well as the Global Excellence Business Leader Of The Year Award 2022. However, her interests extend far beyond her professional and philanthropic achievements. As an accomplished “amateur" photographer, Ardent gardener, and Dedicated foodie, Karen shares her passions through various online platforms.

A true nature enthusiast and curator of Africa's Beautiful Gardens online portal, Karen's fervour for gardening radiates. Co-authoring the mesmerizing coffee table book "Ghana's Beautiful Gardens," she magnificently showcases Africa's verdant landscapes and private gardens, enchanting those yearning to immerse themselves in its awe-inspiring beauty.

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“Karen’s eloquence as a speaker and her visionary healthcare contributions are awe-inspiring. Her commitment to nurturing both people and gardens is a testament to her diverse talents.”

Eloquent Orator
MD, Whole Beauty

“A beacon of inspiration, Karen’s dedication to healthcare and philanthropy saved lives during the pandemic. Her compassionate leadership sets a remarkable example for all.”

A Beacon Of Inspiration
Global Head

“Karen’s unwavering passion for Africa and leadership acumen shine through in her impactful multimedia programming. She truly embodies the essence of authenticity and positive impact.”

Unwavering Passion
CEO, Agency

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