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Top 100 CEO’s 2019

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Reset Global People and Pulse, in collaboration with Avance Media, proudly present the inaugural list of the Top 100 Women CEOs in Africa. Among these exceptional leaders is Karen A.S. Hendrickson, a trailblazer with a rich history of driving transformative change in the global business landscape.

Leadership Legacy

Karen’s story is a testament to resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a career spanning years, she has not only excelled in her role as a series entrepreneur but has also emerged as a transformation catalyst. Her leadership legacy extends beyond Africa, making a profound impact on a global scale.

Industry Influence

At the helm of various sectors, Karen has demonstrated unparalleled proficiency. Her business acumen, coupled with a vision for sustainability, has positioned her as a distinguished figure in the business world. From pioneering initiatives to fostering innovation, she has left an indelible mark on the landscape.

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Pioneering Transformation and Excellence in Global Business

Recognition of Excellence

The inclusion of Karen in the Top 100 Women CEOs in Africa is a well-deserved acknowledgment of her outstanding contributions. Reset Global People recognizes her not just for the size and significance of her ventures but also for the positive influence she exerts on the business realm, both socially and culturally.
Inspiration for the Future

Karen A.S. Hendrickson stands as an inspiration, not just for women but for leaders across the spectrum. Her recognition aligns with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5 & 10, reinforcing the importance of gender equality and reducing inequalities.

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In celebrating Karen, we honour not only an individual accomplishment but a beacon that guides the next generation of leaders. Her journey, marked by innovation and impact, exemplifies the spirit of the Top 100 Women CEOs in Africa.